• Juicy Burst Full Bundle Set 7pcs 50 ml

    $0.00 $87.90

    Here's our very own Blackcurrant Strawberry. Its offers the unique blend of sweet Strawberry and fresh Blackcurrant enlightening notes from…

  • Citrus Lemonade – 77 Flavor 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Quench your thirst with our tropical zest of lemon, specially brewed to bring out the fiesta in you. One of…

  • Spanish Pineapple – 77 Flavor 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Our tropical collection would not be complete without the invigorating taste of pineapple. Brewed to refresh those vaping pleasure, a…

  • Strawberry – Fantastic 60ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Strawberry Available in 60ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Fat Boy Mango (Yellow) – Nasty Juice 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Nasty Juice Available in 50ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Cloud Niners Lychee 55ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    - Available in 55ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG


  • Fcukin Flava Schweet Mango 30ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Experience the Sweetness and Juiciness of the real green mango. Similar taste to our “Freezy Mango”, without the cooling effect.…

  • Grape – Hecks 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Full of character, this clever blend of mixed berries will dance on your palettes making you long more and more…

  • Grape Strawberry – Slurfee 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Grape Strawberry Available in 60ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Full Bundle Set E-liquid 77 Flavor 50ml

    $0.00 $109.90

    Behold 77 flavor's Best Selling flavor, Full set bundle 77 flavor. Imagine the sweet sensation of freshly peeled mango linger…