• Citrus Lemonade 77 Flavor 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Quench your thirst with our tropical zest of lemon, specially brewed to bring out the fiesta in you. One of…

  • Juicy Burst Mixed Berries 50ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    The succulent mix of Berries, this flavor completes the heartfelt soul. Crafted for the distinguishable sweetness of berries, this mixed…

  • Yakool Apple 50ml


    Apple Available in 50ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • AJ Vape Tripple Two 222 50ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    - Available in 50ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 50PG 50VG

  • Fonta Flava Grape 60ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Revive yourself with the enlightening taste of Fonta Flava Grape. Complementing any time and any mood of the day. This…

  • Bangsawan Strawberry Blackcurrant 65ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    - Available in 65ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

Malaysia E-Liquid Online Store

Flava Hub is a Malaysia e-liquid center and online market distributor. We has grown to be among of the leading company that focus on e-liquid industries. We cater to a wide variety of different flavor for our customer. Supported by thousands of followers and friendly collaborations in the vape industry a like, we continue to expand our capabilities by distributing worldwide.

If you are interested to become our distributor or wholesale, you can directly contact us through this wholesale program. Under Flava Hub vape eliquid store, vapers can find everybody favorite. We got a fruity series, creamy series, fizzy and menthol. Other than that, we’re always look out for new and quality flavors to be added on our store as time goes by. In doing so, we also hope we can provide our user with some excellent vaping info, please visit our vape blog for more info.

Our mission is to simply provide the best of the best in e-liquid products and assuring every taste ignites pleasure. We’re always here if you have any question. Just contact our customer support and we are more than happy to help you.


  • Yakool Bundle Set 50ml

    $540.00 $40.90

    Full bundle set of Yakool e-liquid flavor. This bundle come with 3 different flavor which is grape, apple and orange.…

  • Fonta Flava Bundle Set 60ml

    $0.00 $49.90

    Sweet and tasty our Fonta Flava Apple. This flavor is an absolute must have for all flavor enthusiasts. Its exotic…

  • Cloud Niners Blackcurrant 55ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    - Available in 55ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG