• Godzilla Juice Sugus 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    The Sugus is the perfect fusion of Strawberry and Orange. Tasty, Fresh, Sweet but not too sweet. Relive the sweet…

  • Zappp! Fizzy Orange 60ml

    $0.00 $20.90

      Available in 60ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 40PG 60VG

  • Fcukin Flava White Label Cream Series 30ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Savor the brilliant taste of our White Label, with the perfect mixture of Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry, top with the…

  • Jungle Series Leonas Wild Mango 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Wild Mango Available in 60ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Hecks Grape 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Full of character, this clever blend of mixed berries will dance on your palettes making you long more and more…

  • Ossem juice Brittish Berry 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    British Berry is an extraordinary juice that were carefully blended to perfection giving it the taste that you will never…

Malaysia E-Liquid Online Store

Flava Hub is a Malaysia e-liquid center and online market distributor. We has grown to be among of the leading company that focus on e-liquid industries. We cater to a wide variety of different flavor for our customer. Supported by thousands of followers and friendly collaborations in the vape industry a like, we continue to expand our capabilities by distributing worldwide.

If you are interested to become our distributor or wholesale, you can directly contact us through this wholesale program. Under Flava Hub vape eliquid store, vapers can find everybody favorite. We got a fruity series, creamy series, fizzy and menthol. Other than that, we’re always look out for new and quality flavors to be added on our store as time goes by. In doing so, we also hope we can provide our user with some excellent vaping info, please visit our vape blog for more info.

Our mission is to simply provide the best of the best in e-liquid products and assuring every taste ignites pleasure. We’re always here if you have any question. Just contact our customer support and we are more than happy to help you.


  • Nasty Juice Asap Grape Purple No Menthol 50ml

    $0.00 $20.90

    Nasty Juice Available in 50ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Oranginal 60ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Orange Flavor Available in 60ml 0mg / 3mg / 6mg 30PG 70VG

  • Juicy Burst Blackcurrant Strawberry 50ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Here's our very own Blackcurrant Strawberry. Its offers the unique blend of sweet Strawberry and fresh Blackcurrant enlightening notes from…

  • Starbugs Cappuccino 50ml

    $0.00 $17.90

    Here's our very own Cappuccino, this mixture offers the amazing blend of mocha and coffee that you can't resist. One…