Does Vaping Kills?

Since the long-term risks of vaping are still unclear, we couldn’t give you the yes/no answer whether vaping kills not because, in the end, the answer will always be “we don’t know yet” (for now). However, should you’re interested to know if vaping is bad for your health, you can check it here.

Vaping Kills?

Does Vaping Kills?

Potential threats always come in the most unexpected ways, so, it would be more beneficial if we provide vapers with possible dangerous scenarios that could lead you to an uneventful death that has nothing to do with health.

We present you, possible ways your e-cig might kill you.


Vape aerosol

Suffocation is one of the possible ways vape could kill you. But let’s be honest, it’s quite hard to die from vape aerosol suffocation since the fumes dissipate easily. However, if you have asthma or any other breathing difficulties problems, you may want to be more careful. Although it won’t put you in a high risk unless,

  1. Your lungs suck at being lungs.
  2. You’d happen to be in an airtight room
  3. Filled with vapers who constantly blow fumes to your face

Basically, died because of suffocation is possible but you really have to work at it to die.

Still, be careful.




We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about explosion caused by smartphone. Affirmatively, the same thing could happen to your vaporiser as well because these electronic devices use the same type of battery; Lithium-ion battery that is prone to explosion.

Between 2009-2016, there are 195 cases of exploded vaporisers reported. (Source: U.S Fire Administration) Fortunately, no casualties were recorded, although some vapers were severely injured. 2018 on the other hand, marked the first death caused by vaporiser.

Tallmadge D’Elia, a Florida man died after his vaporiser exploded and killed him instantly. The explosive device firing shrapnel and debris into the poor man’s skull.

The explosion was caused by unstable chemical reaction inside the battery. The battery became unstable due to high temperature, thus ignited the flammable electrolyte inside the battery.

You can say, this is the only way tobacco cigarette couldn’t kill you. However, e-cig explosion might not be the worst thing to a vaper. Yes, you read it right, there is something much gory than having an explosive facial.



Spitting and popping are some of the issues that could turn the whole event from a fun time to a misery time.

Mechanically, e-liquid should be vapourised completely for inhalation but from the cases reported, a malfunctioning device could spit liquid larva to your throat and straight to your lungs. It happens while you’re vaping as droplets of boiled e-liquid shots right into your mouth in all directions.

Sizzled e-liquid in your lungs could cause severe injuries to the organ includes internal bleeding that leads to organ failure. For instance, in 2015, as reported by The Sun, Richard Courtney started coughing right after he tasted the cooked sweet liquid in his mouth. It was reported that his lungs were severely damaged and barely functioning. Fortunately, he survived the calamity with only a left hole in his lung.



With all these unwanted incidents, it raises a question: how to prevent them from happening again? There are plenty of things you could do to keep the above issues at a minimum.

To avoid you and others from suffocating on vape aerosol, make sure to vape appropriately in a good air ventilation space

Always positioned your mods vertically and not horizontal to avoid leaking from the airflow.

Replace coil regularly and get an anti-spitback tip instead of 510 drip tip to avoid any hot liquid sliding down your throat.

One more thing, don’t overcharge your mod’s battery. Not only it reduces the battery’s lifespan but it also wasting electricity.

The upshot is, you must always take precautionary measures when you’re vaping. It’s wise to be careful.

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