Is Vaping Bad?

Does vape secure a potential risk to your life, mainly your health?
If that so, why everyone has different opinions on this matter?
What is the truth behind all these unproven buzzes?

Let’s be honest, we have seen people discussing this topic ad nauseam. You’d probably heard people talk about this topic more times than your name. Why is that? Why is it so hard for us to unanimously agree on one stand, either it’s safe or dangerous?

Is vaping really bad?

Vaping has been lingering on the grey area since day one and it’s distasteful to watch this thing goes on any longer. So, we are going to take a look at a few things in order to fathom the whole vape universe. In other words, we are going to provide you with the
‘Understanding Vape: For Dummies’ version before deciding whether vaping is bad or not. Stay tune for series of it in our blog!

What is Vape?

Vaping is a process of vaporising a liquid solution (read: e-juices) containing nicotine, food flavouring and other chemical substances, producing vapour mist. Smoking, contrarily, involves a lit, chemically treated tobacco cigarette.  As such, combustion takes place for cigarette smoking but that’s not the case for vaping.

Vape, like nicotine patch, gum and lozenge, is known as an alternative option for cigarette smokers. So, what makes vape more successful compared to the rest? The booming era of technology has helped to hype this electronic cigarette and since technology is an ever growing industry, parallelly, the same treatment will happen to vape industry as well.

Vape is widely accepted because of its ability to provide smokers with the similar experience as cigarette smoking.

Properties of Vape

Main Components of E-Juice


Have you heard people said ‘the simple the better’? Well, that’s the case for e-juice. There are only 4 main ingredients that make up this magic potion; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and food flavourings. They’re harmless liquid substances that we use daily life.

Propylene Glycol

Get your tongue twisted trying to pronounce it? Call it PG then. PG is a synthetic liquid substance that is thin in consistency. It is the most suitable compound to be used with vaporisers due to its low viscosity. One special trait that differentiates PG from other liquid substances is, its ability to absorb water which explains why it could produce a stronger throat-hit. PG on its own has no taste and very much unlikely to affect the flavour of your juice. PG has wide usage and often found in medical products, oral products as well as for pet; dog food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also has classified PG as a liquid substance that is “generally recognised as safe

Vegetable Glycerin

Made up of plant oils such as coconut oil or corn oil. VG also has a high viscosity, thick in consistency and considered to be slightly sweet. Here’s the trick, the thicker the liquid substance, the thicker vapour it produces. VG also produces less throat-hit, suitable for those who seek a smooth vaping sensation. VG is famously used as a sweetener, though It can be found in beauty product as well such as makeup, mousse and bubble bath.


Nicotine is a stimulant, not a carcinogen. Nicotine is not actually harmful or dangerous to the body. One thing you need to know, on its own, nicotine is actually harmless to the body. It does not have harmful properties to be classified as poisonous. Though, because of its ability to make you addicted, when infused with chemically treated tobacco with among other harmful substances, it can be said that nicotine is the hidden evil.

Food Flavourings

If you must know, this is what makes your e-juice so irresistible! Theoretically, flavouring substance could produce anything that we would like to taste, but most e-juice flavours are food-related; fruity, beverages, desserts, candies, menthol, tobacco and the list goes on depending on the creativity of e-juice manufacturer to come up with new flavour line up. Food flavouring is not a must-ingredient but rather an enhancer, giving you a more enjoyable vaping experience because do you want to vape on tasteless e-juice? Exactly.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

Smoking Is Dangerous

Before the blabbering continues, let’s get one thing straight; smoking kills. Period.

Cigarette contains chemical substances that are dangerous for smokers. These harmful substances contain over 4000 chemicals including 43 carcinogenic substances.

The greatest risk of prolonged cigarette smoking is not lung cancer as many would believe but circulatory and cardiovascular disease. Shocked much? Okay, pick up your jaw back because what we’re going to tell next is much shocking. Most chemicals in the cig are toxins and will remain in your body even after you’ve finished smoking. Yes, these substances are exactly like your crazy ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who won’t leave you alone.

So, how is vaping is any less dangerous compared to cigarette smoking?  Well, for a starter, by vaping, you do not inhale tobacco smoke but rather inhale a mixture of water, flavouring substances, and nicotine. In other words, you do not actually consume over 4000 chemicals and toxins by vaping.

Potential Harm of Vaping

Vaping Risk

Vaping is a relative risk.

It means the claims that you’ve heard mostly were based on opinion instead of significant statistical data from extensive researches. Nonetheless, it’s advisable for you not to vape as if there’s no tomorrow, thinking vaping is just like, inhaling oxygen.

We do, however, have a say on how you operate you vape devices; pens, box-mods etc.  Different devices produce different vapour. Therefore, always take precautions in how you use your vaporiser. Always operate your vaporiser according to the guideline regulated by the manufacturer.

From what we have gathered, it’s safe to say that types of devices, e-juices and how you use it makes a difference. Therefore, always be sure to choose e-juice that made of high-quality ingredients. Avoid using low-quality e-juices that usually offered at a much cheaper price because these manufacturers mostly pay no attention to the ingredients for as long as they make huge bucks from it.

There is a lot of buzzes claimed vaping help smokers to quit smoking. Despite all these rumours, vape was not created as an aid tool for smokers to quit their dangerous addiction. It’s just another healthier option for smokers. Therefore, all of the claims are untrue because vape is not smoke cessation method, in fact, there’s hardly any proven data showing smokers stop smoking because of vape. What’s scarier than this is, there is a potential of smokers become dual users instead of quitting smoking for good – defeating the whole purpose of quitting smoking in the first place.

Basically, any product (even your vitamin c tablet) can be hazardous if you misuse it or if you use it in a way that it shouldn’t be. Be moderate.  

Is Vaping Bad? Conclusion

Again, this question is back to haunt us. Since e-cig bears the burden of tobacco smoking because of the aesthetic similarity; involving smoke. Hence, people are quick to make a hasty generalisation, claiming vaping is up to no good as well.

However, all those claims are hard to either accept or reject since vaping is still new to the market and it’s quite hard to make a consensus since we have yet to wait for proven data based on prolonged use of this device.

One thing for sure, we know the properties of vape is completely different from the conventional cigarette, and that makes it a better choice.

The upshot is, vaping does not show any obvious potential risks of threatening your health, yet no one really believes that vape is absolutely safe. Despite all of these hassles, we do have one thing in common, undeniably, vaping is much safer than cigarette smoking.

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