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  • Ossem Juice American Melon 50ml


    The juicy and aromatic red American Melon bursting in your mouth will leave you craving for more and more. Enjoy…

  • Ossem Juice Brazilian Lime 50ml


    Quench your thirst with our specially brewed Brazillian Lime. Imagine sipping an ice cold lime juice on a hot sunny…

  • Ossem juice Brittish Berry 50ml


    British Berry is an extraordinary juice that were carefully blended to perfection giving it the taste that you will never…

  • Ossem Juice Japanese Peach 50ml


    Revitalize yourself with our super delicious Japanese Peach. The sweet and succulent taste of fragrant peaches will linger in your…

  • Ossem Juice Malaysian Mango 50ml


    Enjoy this delicious Malaysian Mango, passionately brewed to create this magnificent flavor! This luscious juice without doubt will captivate your…