Why Are You Vaping?

Tobacco cigarette is infamously known as a form of escapism for people that have a lot on their plate and they need something that could help them deal with all those problems and challenges. But, what about vape? What are the reasons behind this vapour treat?

Let’s us clear the air for you, here’re some of the reasons that might have triggered someone to start vaping.

Quit Smoking

Vaping helps to quit smoking

Even though the debate whether vaping could stop smoking or not hasn’t stopped rolling, it doesn’t bother e-cigarette manufacturers to continue to make-believe e-cigarette as a smoking cessation method. Adding up, smokers also agree that vape as the main reason for them to quit smoking.

One can assume, just because FDA has not acknowledged e-cigarette as a smoking cessation method, that doesn’t mean there are no isolated cases whereby smokers managed to quit smoking by switching to e-cigarette.

However, it shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more people switch to e-cigarette. E-cig, after all, is a successor to traditional tobacco cigarette.


Social Image

E-cigarette has officially kick-off it’s golden days since 2012 and continues booming the market on 2015 and counting.  When it first started, most people claimed they switch to vape because they want to quit smoking. However, as time goes by, social image has become the main reason; to look cool.

Believe it or not, more people are vaping to boost their social image within society as well as in social media. This is because e-cig marketing strategy has been focusing on promoting vaping as a cool way of life. A cool life unquestionably is a way that could escalate your social image.

With all the aggressive marketing strategies using colourful graphics and video, e-cig manufacturers manage to institutionalised vaping with a trendy lifestyle…and obviously, people are feeding on it…Duhh.



Vaping is cheaper

According to NerdWallet, an American personal financial website, e-cigarette is 40% cheaper than tobacco cigarette. Traditional cigarette really put a dent to your wallet especially among those in the lower socioeconomic group of people.

Costly wise, e-cig is much cheaper and healthier…so, it shouldn’t be a surprise if more people switch to vape because why bother to spend more if you can get the same satisfaction.

It can be said, cost wise is one of the major reasons why a lot of people switch to a money-savvy option plus healthier. Vape does not only save your money, but it also saves your life. Possibly.


Wide varieties of flavour and have a pleasant odour

Varieties of vape liquid

Shout out to e-juice manufacturers for making this a reality.  The availability of vast varieties of flavour choices is what keeps ‘em coming back!

The reason why vape is so famous is because of the vast options of flavours. Fruity, creamy, dessert, mixed flavours, you name it.  Wide varieties of interesting flavours are what determines the success of e-cigarette.

These days, e-juice manufacturers are competing against each other to design the most unique flavour that could pique consumers’ interest.

Smokers also claimed that they quit smoking for good because they keep coming back for their favourite flavour. Moreover, after a few months of actively vaping, suddenly tobacco tastes horrible and this leads to a complete switch between vaping and smoking.

Besides, the smell of the vapour is mildly pleasant and even…mouthwatering. Therefore, you don’t have to bear cigarette bad odour anymore.


Cloud Chasing

Pushing The O

It’s only natural for something so famous receives tremendous hype from users. E-cig is known for its ability to puff up some thick vapours. With such novelty that comes along with vape, people are competing with each other for fun, to produce something they call it as cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing is a term made famous by vapers who take vaping to another level full of awesomeness! The goal of cloud chasing to produce the biggest and the most complex vapour into amazing tricks.

Since e-cigarette is here to stay, so does cloud chasing. Hence, competitive vaping competitions are established such as The World Series of Cloud Chasing, Canadian Cloud Circuit, and the latest, 2018 Southern California International Cloud Championship.

In this stunt vaping competition, vapers will be blowing tricks such as “The Dragon”, “Jellyfish”, “Forcefield” as well as the famous “Pushing The O” to blow the judges’ mind.  All of these theatrical tricks are what make non-vapers jaws-dropped and attracted to be part of the vaping community, eventually.


Vaping Community/Peer Influence

Vaping Community

Vaping lifestyle and vaping community are spreading wide, just like e-cig sweet vapour. Vaping has become a culture where likeminded people grooving together, sharing tips, showing collections and even helping each other, especially newbies.

With the way media portrays vaping as a stylish activity and e-cig manufacturers creating cool merch that comes along with this cool lifestyle, for sure, everyone wants to be part of something that looks so awesome.

Your peers also might pulling the trigger for you. Seeing your friend vaping could increase your curiosity. People say curiosity kills the cat. Well, thank god you’re not a cat.

Obviously, people have their own reason(s) to vape. Be it for health reason or even to boost up your social image, e-cigarette definitely compensate something in your life that makes you take the puff. Whatever the reason is, always make sure you do it safely.

Do you agree with us or do you have any other reasons? Let us know!

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